20 Mar

Discover the pleasures of GBA games

The pleasures of online games are unparalleled. Options of gaming are unlimited and their availability is instant. Earlier you had to keep a collection of game CDs. Even then your stock was limited. With passage of days these games gradually got monotonous and the CDs became idle. Internet changed the concept of gaming altogether. The options available was no longer restricted to a few CDs but included several hundreds of them. The internet is an immense source of online games which are available round the clock.

Playing these games is also easy, as you just need an internet accessible computing or communication gadget. For GBA (Game Boy Advance) games you need an Apple device running on iOS (operating software) 7. Latest generation Apple computing or mobiles marketed under ā€˜iā€™ brand name fall in this category of products. Apple is among the leading communications and computing device manufacturers internationally. Among several games available online GBA are particularly meant for ā€˜iā€™ series mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops

GBA games are among the earliest with an age of over 25 years. If you had started gaming two decades earlier when computer games did not have any presence, you must have played Super Mario, Load Runner, and Pokemon games. With GBA ios games being available online it is now possible to delve into the pleasures these entertaining games.

For playing these games, it is necessary to emulate them to your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. GBA emulator is available in the form of an online application. For a pleasant gaming experience you first need to download this emulator to your gaming device and subsequently the games you desire to play. This downloading procedure is simple and requires a few steps for its completion.

Even a child could complete downloading of GBA emulator. Once the emulator is installed, the games might be downloaded without trouble. This emulator also lets you to play GBA games online. Also it is possible to install the updates of each game as and when they are available. Latest versions of GBA emulator allows games to be played in a Wi-Fi environment.

24 Feb

N64 emulator in preservation

The emulator is a common word in both the music and computing industry. In computing, emulators are used to copy how one computer works and replicate that in another computer. The real system is called the guest while the one where the system is being emulated is called the host. An emulator can either be hardware, software or a combination of both. Today, one of the most popular and effective emulator systems is the N64 software emulator.

This description is different from simulation, which is the digital description often of something natural for experimental purposes. For instance, simulating a flight pattern on a computer or a hurricane trend is not the same as emulation.

Understanding the N64 emulator from the basics

Experts use the process of emulation in many digital platforms to avoid the occurrence of obsolescence. PwR3CObsolescence is a situation where people no longer want or need an object despite the fact that it still is in good working order. It normally comes as a result of the availability of a replacement being available.

Emulation was spearheaded by emulation experts like Jeffrey Rothenberg. He set out to achieve digital conservation by suggesting the availability of a uniform approach that could be applied universally across every cycle of change. This solves the problem of compatibility issues of old hardware whenever any new application is released.

Potential benefits of the N64 emulator

3DS Emulators give gamers especially, the ability to enjoy new games in older versions of gaming hardware consoles. They are able to enjoy better graphics and display properties than they could get form their old consoles and games. The emulators enable them to enjoy new features that their original gaming consoles did not originally have. Developing an emulator is costly, and this might discourage people.

However, in the long term, one will find that it is the cheaper alternative. They allow exclusive software to be used and shared on multiple platforms. For instance, a game produced originally for PS2 only can be played on PC or on Xbox theoretically speaking. The N64 is among the best of the many emulators already released available for download.

26 Jan

FAQ – PS3 Emulator Related Common Queries

What is PS3 emulator?

PS3 or PlayStation 3 emulator is a tool that enables access to games available online. Without this emulator it is not possible to play online games. An emulator essentially emulates a game as per the requirement of a particular internet accessible device.

Is there a PS3 emulator for mobile phones?

PS3 is an open sourced app and could be accessed by personal computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. There are no PS3 emulators for mobile phones exclusively.

How does PS3 emulator for PC function?

Emulator for personal computers operate through PS3 emulator BIOS. Once this is achieved, all online games are downloadable on to your computer system. Integration of this emulator is done in a sequence of steps. Once integrated to your PC it emulates a selected online game for your playing.

Is emulator for PS3 platform specific?

PS3 emulator games are operable with MS Windows 2000 or higher platforms. It also runs on Linux and OS – X platforms.

What other pre-conditions are to be satisfied for downloading PS3 emulator?

To download PS3 emulator your device must have internet accessibility. Without internet accessibility it is not possible to access PS3 emulators or online games. PS3 emulator for PC download or for any other device is only available online. And of course your gaming device must have MS Windows 2000 or higher operating system.

How long does it take to download and integrate PS3 emulator?

Downloading and integration of PS3 emulator takes few minutes.

screenindexWhat are the games that could be played with this emulator?

Games that are available online could be played once you have PS3 emulator integrated to your device. War games, combat games, racing games, treasure hunt games, and any other games available across websites could be accessed and played once PS3 is integrated to your device.

Would PS3 affect the speed of computing?

PS3 emulator does not come in the way of computing functions and its speed of transactions remain unchanged. PS3 is just a tool that enhances the gaming ability of your device.

What is the cost of PS3 emulator?

PS3 emulator is available free of cost from different websites.

20 Dec



When I heard of “Strikers 1945″ for the first time, I automatically thought it would be another sequel of Capcom’s classic 1942 series, but both series have very little in common.

At the beginning of Strikers 1945 there is a selection of five historical warplanes. Catch your favourite and defend the upcoming peace during the final days of WWII. All fighters are equipped with powerful front weapons and collecting 4 of those Psikyo typical bullet-shaped power-up symbols will bring them to maximum power. But more than that, it even places small shooting satellites at your side. If you hold the [A] button, instead of just tapping it, your weapon gets charged. Once you release it then, those satellites build up a special formation to attack the enemy. The kind of that formation is individual for each plane. Keep that in mind when you choose your fighter, since it will affect your tactics throughout the whole game.
The smartbomb as always, will be released when you press button [B]. It differs in shape, depending on the chosen plane as well. One of them is a “1942 roll”, followed by powerful explosion, another one supports you with a swarm of bomber-planes. Furthermore there are energy barriers, giant laser beams and more.

The music of Psikyo games in general, had never been a great deal. In Strikers 1945 it’s a mix between march music and techno tunes, that fills the background with an unconspicous and unobtrusive accoustical carpet. It sounds ok, but it’s nothing you will dream of at night, I guess.

The whole game is 8 stages in length and you have to play 2 complete rounds in order to complete it. The stages are filled with hundreds of attacking planes, tanks and warships. Everything looks historical, although some machine designs are very exaggerated and far from realism – but that’s japanese, and we all like it, don’t we ?

Like in Gunbird and many later Psikyo games, The end of the stages are guarded by bosses, consisting of 2 or 3 parts. Once you shoot one part to toast, the next one, a smaller and faster enemy comes out of the wreck and attacks you.

Talking about realism: It seems that Psikyo renounced to introduce any characters at the beginning. Funny enough, once you have beaten the game, you will face the real pilots: A bunch of nude girls with big breasts !

Strikers 1945, Psikyo’s first WWII shooter, was the beginning of a new and very successful chapter in the company’s history. After a great start in japanese and US arcades, it was ported to Playstation and Sega Saturn consoles. Currently even a remake for mobile phones is in development.

24 Nov


1993 / 94 the fantasy shooter celebrated a rebirth with two companies at the top of the market: Raizing and Psikyo.
After their award winning eastern mythology themed Sengoku Ace, Psikyo decided to mix elements of the european history with a mech topic. The result was a fun-shooter that doesn’t took itself too serious: Gunbird

Five new characters with psychic abilities hunt for a magic mirror in several fantastic stages. The world of Gunbird is filled with strange mechanical devices, walking, flying and shooting at any intruder. The end of each stage is guarded by an evil trio called ‘the trump’. They attack the heroes with a huge machine. Once that machine is destroyed, a smaller and faster robot raises out of it as a second challenge, before the trump flees and our heroes are allowed to leave the stage.
If shooter fans think of Psikyo characters, they automatically think of Marion, that cute 13 years old, blue dressed witch on her flying broom. First introduced in Gunbird, she is some kind of a mascot for Psikyo today. Other protagonists in this game are Valnus, the fat russian robot, a German scientist called Ash, a female fighter from China, similar to Jane (Sengoku Aces) and last but not least an old man on a strange wooden vehicle.

The weaponary system of Gunbird is very similar to it’s predecessor: The main shot on [A] button is individual for each character. Holding the same button charges the weapon to release something more powerful against the enemy. Furthermore there is a smart bomb on button [B].
Main power and number of bombs can be upgraded by collecting appropriate symbols.
Like in Sengoku Ace, the player will find gold coins throughout the game which reward him with 200 points for collecting each one.

Gunbird is one of the first games of that new era of shooter games. Original PCBs and Sega Saturn ports can be purchased for reasonable prices at Ebay or directly from game dealers. I can recommend this game especially to newbies of the Shmup genre, since it’s system is easy to understand, and the number of bullets on the screen is still moderate. Manic shooter fans sleeping with Batrider and waking up with Progear, will find Gunbird’s age of 8 years recognizeable when it comes to graphics and gameplay. Nevertheless it is still a good game, for players and collectors likewise.

12 Oct

Sengoku Ace (aka Samurai Aces)

Psikyo’s debut game Sengoku Ace (aka Samurai Aces) is a weird shooter that takes place in Japan’s ancient mythologies and features many strange vehicles, weapons and enemies. Wooden tanks and shooting moths are here as real a fighting spider-house. Technically Sengoku Ace begins, where the games of the former company Video System ended. To be correct, I’m not entirely sure if the whole Psikyo team came out of that company, but the similarities between early Psikyo Shooters and the Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings series are that close, that a coincidence is hardly possible.


The game starts with a selection screen, where the player choses from six vehicles of a wide variety: Bird-like things, that well known WWII prototype with it’s tail rotor, ancient flying machines or even a modern Jet-fighter are ready for taking off.

Each plane has it’s individual weapons; upgradable in size and strength by collecting power-ups. Like in Aero Fighters, the final weapon upgrade lasts only for a short time, until it has to be reconfirmed by collecting another power-up item. Repetetive tapping the [A] button makes the main weapon shooting, while holding the same, turns it into a slower but more powerful charge shot. With the second button you can drop a limited number of smartbombs. To refill the bomber stock, you should collect the B-symbols. Sengoku07

In order to finish Sengoku Ace, you have to play each stage twice. The second round features minor color palette changes and harder gameplay. The different color palette btw. is another feature we already know from Aero Fighters.

Sengoku Ace has not much of a scoring system. No multipliers or any other upgradable score systems spotted. Shoot enemies and collect coins for points. It’s mainly “Old-skool” classic with a touch of modern gameplay.

1993 was also the year of Mahou Daisakusen (Raizing’s debut shooter), and Batsugun, the last shooter of old-skool godfather ‘Toaplan’. I would call that age a bridge between old-skool and the mothern shmup.
- [the sheep] in 2002